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Do you have people who fly around the world?

We can deliver our Flight Safety Awareness Presentation to your team to help them fly more safely and confidently.

Our presentation was developed for companies that are conscious of keeping their staff safe when travelling.  Whether they are regular or occasional travellers, knowing how to take control in the highly unlikely event of an emergency on board an aircraft makes them safer and gives them added confidence in flying.

The presentation was designed to be conveniently delivered to your colleagues at your offices or facilities.  It is an educational and cost-effective course that is fascinating and entertaining.  It gives all the safety information, advice, tips and techniques they need to keep themselves safe when flying around the world.

Its duration is usually around 1 hour and 20 minutes but the timing can be tailored to your requirements.

The Flight Safety Awareness Presentation consists of:

  • An introduction.
  • ​An interactive Pre-flight Safety Demonstration involving your delegates.
  • ​Safety information about the individual elements of the Pre-flight Safety Demonstration and how to use this information to formulate a plan for any aircraft emergency situation.
  • ​Why, when and how to adopt the correct Brace Position.
  • A Question and Answer session.  However, delegates are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation and any flight safety topics can be covered.

The presentation is designed to give a greater understanding of what to do in any aircraft emergency by increasing knowledge and awareness of safety procedures. It demonstrates the importance of taking responsibility for your own safety and taking time to formulate a plan. This helps your colleagues fly more safely and confidently wherever they go and whoever they fly with.


In 2003, whilst working as a safety instructor in the British Airways Flight Training Department, Andy Clubb developed the British Airways Flight Safety Awareness Course which was delivered at our training facility to Health & Safety conscious companies who wanted to keep their people safe when travelling.

Up until 2015, we trained 17,000 delegates.  Many of the courses were requested by the major petrochemical companies due to their Health & Safety culture and as a duty of care towards their colleagues who travelled.

Other companies that requested courses included the Civil Aviation Authority; the Air Accident Investigation Branch; the Department for Transport; the Metropolitan Police; and the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Teams.

In 2015, British Airways moved its safety training equipment to a new training complex.  Unfortunately, the new location and facilities prevented us from being able to continue to offer the full Flight Safety Awareness Course.  As an alternative and in response to customer demand, the Flight Safety Awareness Presentation was developed.

For all the information on the content and cost of the Flight Safety Awareness Presentation, please click on The Presentation.

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